Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blessing Day

Always love blessing day.  It's such a great way to spotlight new little angels such as this one...

She was a champ through it all.  Passed around, unable to sleep... but still beautiful.  Hazel was blessed in this dress too.  My grandma made it nearly 30 years ago.  I was blessed in it, all my sisters were blessed in it, my two daughters were blessed in it, and so far all my nieces have been blessed in this dress.  I think it's beautiful.  Timeless and so meaningful.  My grandma couldn't make it to the blessing, but here is a picture of MorMor with Hazel at Hazel's blessing....

I always completely appreciate anyone who comes.  This is my dear Grandpa Christensen.  Love him.  Isn't he the cutest grandpa ever? 

Grandma and Grandpa Dyreng.  I seriously want to be like these two when I grow up.  They're amazing.

Absolutely love this one...  I don't think I've ever seen Richard smile so big for a picture.  Explanation...  Dillon was in a bind.  He had his leg bent back and foot looped through his underwear... courtesy of Uncle Cody (wish I had a picture of that!) It really was hilarious!  So good of Richard.  I really LOVE Casey's family.

Finally resting on Grandma Kimmy.  So sweet.

My parents with Vera.

We have the BEST family ever.  Every one has helped so much the last couple months and the blessing was no exception.  Couldn't have done it without all the help.  It was so great to have the family there at the blessing.  Love this sweet little girl too.   What a great day!!


Thursday, February 21, 2013


Meet our newest addition....

She is simply a little piece of heaven.  We love her.  She came earlier than expected... We were not at all ready for her, but with help from the entire Gunnison Valley and our families, we made it work.  And we are so happy to have her here and healthy.  Labor and delivery went great. Quickly, but smooth.  There was no time for the nurse to break down the bed, the doctor to robe up, or for the respiratory therapist to introduce himself.  She just came... And we were so excited to find out it was a girl!

Taken just after arriving at the hospital... between contractions.

First picture of me with Vera.

Proud Parents... I love labor and delivery... Call me crazy, but I love that time I get with Casey.  Such an amazing thing to experience together.  So grateful to have a great supportive husband to stand by my side through it all!



Grandma Great (Dyreng)...  Vera is named after her mother.


Michelle and Sarah... They were so cute to mask up to not spread germs:)

Grandma Dyreng (she took care of our kids while in the hospital... Even when we called her early that morning... She immediately left work and picked up the kids. Can't thank her enough)

Grandma Kimmy (She came and stayed for a few days after we got home... cooking, cleaning, playing with the kids.  Then later took them home.  Seriously... What great moms we have!!)

Grandpa Dyreng

Grandpa Kanosh

Finally at home...

She's almost six weeks old now... I can hardly believe it!!  We've since had the flu in our house for two of those weeks and had her in the hospital with RSV for 3 nights.  I think that it's safe to say we are all on the mend.  It's been a little bumpy, but we love having her.  The kids love her and she is an excellent baby. Now if I could just stop time :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013



She's two... and she's a sweetheart.  Always trying to fix whatever's wrong.  She'll give Sawyer or Vera their blankets when they cry, get Dillon a tissue when he demands someone wipe is nose, and give anyone a love when they're sad.  She can tease and pester too, but we're really trying to encourage the softer side :)

Hazel loves animals... for her birthday she got both real and fake kittens.  Thank goodness for the stuffed ones... the real haven't really worked out.

Her cupcakes.  They look ok, but they tasted terrible.  Chalk that one up as a loss...

 She liked them...

Party and Grandma and Grandpa's!


... and Porter.  Dillon's bday falls in a busy birthday week.  Porter, Grandpa, Grandma Great, and Dillon all have birthdays in a four day span.  So we celebrated together. Love this kid! He's a little spit-fire and can raise my temper through the roof better than anyone.  But he is such a character, and he's kinda like a little buddy to me.  He really makes me laugh everyday.  Some of my favorite things he's said lately...

-"Hazel... eat your food.  It's really yummy, but I didn't taste any."
-"but mom... I had dinner yesterday..."
-He calls humidifiers "fire-humans" :)
-When quizzing him what he learned in school... "I don't want to talk anymore..."
-"Dad is the best Dad ever!"  He wants so bad to be "like a daddy"
-He has a crazy imagination too and is always saying things like "Yesterday, when I was a pirate (vampire, kid, monster, whatever)...."

Our little four year old has been very attached to one thing since he was about 8 months... His blanket.  The thing has a history.  And he has loved the heck out of it.  I keep finding pieces of it all around the house.  When he finds them he stuffs the tiny bits back into itself.  He must dream of it being whole again...  But... He finally gave it up.  He talked for months about throwing it away or giving it to the kitty, but would relapse.  Until one week ago.  He finally did it!  

It used to be in great condition.  

This is what it looked like on it's last day at the Dyreng house.

And Dillon finally biting the bullet....  He hasn't even asked for it since.  Don't know how we've been that lucky...  To be honest... I was sad to see it go too.  It was like saying goodbye to "toddler Dillon".  He's growing up.

Sporting some of his spoils from his birthday.  He can't wait to have a sleep-over and use his "pack-pack with wheels"
And... treats for preschool.  He loves going to school and says "miss Jen says that we can't throw fits at school." Where has Miss Jen been all my life?